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Advantages of Vari-Flow system vs. Dual duct VAV box systems

  1. Greater individual comfort and temperature control. The VAV box system, as drawn, has 18 zones of control. The Vari-Flow systempdfhas 55 zones of control.
  2. Greater overall comfort. Vari-Flow VAV diffusers provide excellent mixing of primary & secondary air by maintaining (or increasing) their discharge air velocity across their operating range. VAV box systems with constant volume diffusers perform well at full flow. This occurs only 5% - 10% of the typical operating time. As VAV box systems turn down, constant volume diffusers may begin to dump, causing occupant discomfort. Due to our VAV diffuser's variable discharge area, Vari-Flow VAV diffusers will not dump under any load condition.
  3. Lower installed cost. Utilizing Vari-Flow VAV diffusers and regain duct design, the air distribution system is greatly simplified requiring less materials and labor.
  4. Energy will be saved. Since there are 55 zones vs. 18 zones no space will be overcooled to make another comfortable.
  5. System design flexibility. With regain system design, using constant size duct run-outs, the entire volume of air can be shifted and taken off anywhere along the entire length of the run-out. With this flexibility, as; use, tenancy, load, or zone changes occur, during the life of the building, the air distribution system will be able to accommodate these changes. This will be accomplished by simply moving existing Vari-Flow diffusers and or adding additional Vari-Flow diffusers to accommodate remodeling and tenant improvements. Adding Vari-Flow diffusers is as easy as tapping a start-collar into the regain run-out and attaching it to a Vari-Flow diffuser with flex duct. While partitions, office spaces, and tenancy will likely change during the life of the building the total block load for office buildings will not. With VAV boxes the zones and control points are fixed. Since each Vari-Flow diffuser is a self-contained zone of control, no additional controls or installation is required.

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